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Zhangzhou Sanlida Environmental Technology Corporation Limited is a company working on importing and recycling waste paper and plastic. We have creative environmental technology in separating pulp, plastic, and Aluminum from soft drink cartons and washed PE (PE separated from pulp).

What We Need

The first one we need is scrap soft drink cartons. We have worked with Sig Combibolc, Elopak, Tetrapak in Europe, theUSA, andSouth Africafor a long time, and we have captured 80% of the purchasing market in these places. Our purchasing power is around 30000 tons per year, and this number will be even bigger in the future.

What We Need

    Another material we need is washed PE (PE separated from pulp), includes PE with Aluminum. This kind of scraps are mainly distributed in Europe,America,Korea,Japan, etc. We have purchased from Europe,Korea, and theUSA. The quantity we have purchased is 30000 tons per year. And we are expanding intoJapan,Brazil,South Africaand other countries in the next years

Purchasing inChina

    We are also developing soft drink carton recycling market inChinaas well as purchasing from abroad. We’ve built long term relationship with some factories in Guangdong, Fujian. These factories cannot dealing with washed PE separated from tetrapak which we have technology .